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Kanye West On Beck’s Win Over Beyonce: “The Grammys Need To Stop Playing With Us” (VIDEO)

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After rumors that Beyonce’s catalog would be pulled from Tidal’s streaming service hit the ‘Net, Sony execs have released a statement refuting those claims. Earlier today, Sony Music CEO Doug Morris addressed the matter and denied any plans to snag Queen B’s music from her husband’s newly acquired business venture. Speaking with Rolling Stone, Morris …

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(AllHipHop News) For a split second, it seemed the world was about to experience another “Kanye Moment” when legendary performer Prince revealed Beck had won the 2015 Grammy award for “Album Of The Year.” Most of the crowd – including Beck – was stunned the alternative rocker’s Morning Phase was honored for the biggest prize …

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Check out he exclusive video of Jay Z Kicked, Punched & Spit On By Beyonce’s Sister Solange! Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.

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