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DJ Genesis added to Bajo La Luna Festival in Costa Rica

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My Favorite DJ for 2018 is?

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Location: Tampa, FLFormat: OpenRadio: LaMezcla Radio Gio Breton has been fortunate enough to rock at several clubs, host festivals, DJ at radio stations and open up for various artists like Polaco, Don Chezina, El Chaval, Silvio Mora, Julian, Alex Bueno, Raulin Rodriguez, Jowell Y Randy, De La Ghetto, J King y Maximan, Xtreme, Fuego, Domenic …

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We just saw your post on Instagram that you will be Deejaying at the Bajo La Luna Festival in Costa Rica, how are you feeling? I can’t even put it into words how excited I am.  It is honestly a dream come true for me to get the opportunity to perform in a music festival …

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Who’s your favorite DJ for 2018? Vote Now and let us know who your favorite DJ of 2018 was, who had the best mixes, the best mixtapes, social media post and more.

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Who’s your favorite DJ of 2017? Vote and tell of us!

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Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the Bronx NYC. Waine Tineo “DeeJay DC” now resides in Tampa, FL where he Dj’s for latin events and venues locally and around the country.  As a member of dance teams like Island Touch’s bachata teams in the Tampa area, it further helped him create the vibe …

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My name is Jose Pacheco but when I am behind my mixer I go by the name DJ Sinz. Music has always been a passion of mine which became stronger since the first time I carried my crate full of CD’s at age 17 and played my first night in a local club in my …

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Check out all of your favorite Deejay at work in the night club or out just having fun in this weeks recap.

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Location: Tampa Format: Open Since the age of fourteen years old DJing sparked the interest of DJ Nemeses. His first experience of that was seeing his friend DJing at a local skating rink. At the age of fifteen DJ Nemeses began to DJ at his local Recreation Park. While crafting his DJ Skills at the …

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Location: PhiladelphiaFormat: OpenRadio: Zeta 99.9FM When we talk about the best parties and getting everyone on their feet to dance, we are talking about Jholi! Rebellious, known as DJ Jholi, she was born in Caracas, Venezuela on September 30th. Ever since she was a little girl, she showed a big passion for music. Her hobbies included …

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Here is a sneak peek of DJ Rico Sanchez 2017 photo shoot. Make sure to stay connected with for his full gallery.

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Location: OrlandoFormat: RemixRadio: LaMezcla Radio Allow me to introduce myself: I’m DJ Solo Remix. As a versatile DJ, I play every genre of music; music other DJs do not dare to mix. I love pushing music past the limit of the ordinary, combining genres that take the musical experience past the normal boundaries—and the crowds are never …

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Location: Tampa BayFormat: OpenRadio: Maxima 92.5 and LaMezcla Radio Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, by parents of Puerto Rican Decent, Dj Speedy Jr. moved to the Tampa Bay Area at the age of 12 and began to DJ at the age of 15. His father Luis “Speedy” Gonzalez introduced him to the art of DJing. His father’s …

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Location: Miami Format: Open Radio: Radio Fiesta 96.9 Booking: Website: DJ Swerve was born and raised in New York City, NY. His passion for music began an early age and led to DJing where he has become a master of his craft. DJ Swerve has the ability to rock a crowd with his smooth mixing skills …

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Location: Tampa Bay Format: Open Radio: Maxima 92.5 Justin Lanz also known as DJ Lanz, was born and raised in Tampa, FL. He first touched the turntables as a teenager, beginning his immersion into the DJ lifestyle. Justin started out doing house parties in high school and a few years later in 2010, he got his …

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Location: Tampa Format: Open Born and raised in Washington Heights Dj Kg has always been involved with music. He grew up listening to the sounds of famous Dominican artist like Alex Bueno, Antony Santos, Tono Rosario, Luis Vargas and Zacarias Ferreira. At the age of 14 he began doing high school parties and small gigs. …

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