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Romy Burgos Ortiz’s Love of music started around the very young age of 4. His mother and family who loved Tipico,a fast tempo merengue country-style,  from their Hometown” Mao”in the Dominican Republic,  taught young Romo to dance Tipico and all genres. Whether it was Bachata or Merengue young Romo was excited when mentioned an upcoming … Presents the Dominican Day Parade Mixtape 2014 Mixed by DJ Alex Demoledor, DJ Romo, DJ Toma, DJ Tanke.

New from Spring Break 2014 The Offiical Mixtape Mixed by DJ Flow, DJ Tanke, DJ Alex El Demoledor, DJ Gero, DJ Proof, DJ Gee Boogie, DJ Romo, DJ Netics!

  DJ Romo is back at popping more pill for his latest mix Latin House Pill Popper Volume 2.

  DJ Romo killed it with his new Salsa Sensation Mix.


Make sure to check out DJ Romo New Power Mix 03/12/13.