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Radio Hits Vol.2 Mixtape

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LaMezcla Radio Presents Radio Hits Vol.2 Mixtape DJ Negro Bello – Reggaeton DJ LuMixx – Salsa DJ Boogy – Bachata DJ Arce z Top40 [English] Tito Knoise – Trap [English & Spanish]

New and Exclusive from Tito Knoise Presents Big Pun Hits (Knoise Edition)

There’s one time of year when caliente, that tired adjective for Latin music, feels fresh and yes… hot! Celebrate summer 2014 with this list of ten seasonal singles for summer dancing, romancing, or warming up to watch a World Cup match. 10. “Me Interesas,” Noel Torres Norteño/banda singer Noel Torres continues to thrive in regional …

Lapped up by a Spanish-speaking market that adores K-pop’s lavish production values and upbeat message, a Korean wave is sweeping through Latin America The export success of artists like Don Omar and Shakira in previous years may have given the Latin pop business a few global ambitions, but in Latin America itself the sound that’s …