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Q&A with Artist Vanessa Ayala

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Zuly Mara Model Q&A

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Leslie Ann Model Q&A

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Q: As an artist and a fan in the music business that has meet many different artists, which has been your favorite out of all? A: Raulín Rodríguez Q: Which artist do you keep in touch with on personal basis? A: Angelito Villalona Q: If you would have never made it big or had a hit …

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Q: What’s your favorite Latin Dish? I love love chicharron de pollo con tostones but I try to stay away from that. LOL Q: How does music affect your modeling career? Music is my life! I can’t do anything without listening to music, it’s the first thing I do when I wake up in the …

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Q:  Of all the Artists you have worked with, which Artists do you still stay in connection with on a personal basis? Not very many at all because everyone is so busy.  But George LaMond and I speak every so often.  He’s always been helpful whenever I have questions about anything, especially pertaining to the …

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  Q: What’s your favorite type of Latin Dish? A: My moms homemade Pozole Mmmm…. Q: How does music affect your career? A: It doesn’t affect my career but it does give other models more job opportunities to do music videos. Q: Who are your top 3 favorite Latin Artist? A: I’m a big fan …

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Interview with Romeo Santos Recapping His Latest Concert In Dominican Republic.

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It’s good to be king, but even Latin pop music royalty isn’t immune to a case of nerves when it comes to performing a larger-than-life concert at one of the most storied locations in existence. Romeo Santos opened up about his new live album/DVD ‘The King Stays King,’ which was filmed at New York City’s …

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  Q: Where did the name of the group come from? A: We slated the group to be called “SoloS” ( alone) because at times we had the feeling we were tackling the daunting challenge of creating a Pop/Rock group in a unique setting.  This, because we felt we were alone building a new musical …

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Q: What’s your favorite Latin Dish? A: Wow, what a hard decision I love it all! I work out to eat, But Mofongo Definitely is one of my favorites! Q: How does music affect your modeling career? A: Oh Music keeps me going! It gives me nothing but positive energy especially when I’m shooting I …

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Janice García

Q: Cómo musical afectará o ayudarle tu Carrera modelo? A: La musica me ayudaria en mi carrera Como modelo ya q me habriria mas puertas en el ambito del modelaje y podria demostrar mis capacidades y adquiriria mas experiencia en el ambito de la Como lo es trabajando para la mejor emisora Latina Q: …

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Romeo Santos interviews with Wall Street Journal staff member Jim Fusilli and talks about his sold out shows at Madison Square Garden, his beginnings with Aventura and how they reinvented the Bachata genre and his new album “Formula vol. 1“. Check out the exclusive WSJ interview below. Romeo Santos Website: Twitter: @RomeoSantosPage Facebook: Romeo …

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  Periodista Arturo Linares de Cronica TeVe de Telemundo SWFL canal 43 le da entrevista al “Principe de la Bachata” Frank Reyes antes de el subir a la tarima para su show en Patron Lounge Fort Myers, FL 11/18/11. Interview Part 1 Interview Part 2

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Grupo Impress Q & A

  Ezequiel Ortega aka Ez Bass What is it about Impress that makes you guys different from every other Bachata Group? The main thing that makes us different from every and any other bachata group is our dedication and passion toward our work. We work as a team and the outcome is so much proficient. …

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Milly Millz

Milly Millz Nace en el Bronx, NY en 1987. Proveniente de Familia muy humilde. Con una carisma unica y un desempeño incredible en el ecenario. Desde muy temprana edad, esta joven siente una inquietud por el baile, actuando y modelaje, pasando esta por diferentes experiencias desde muy niña. Su consistencia en el desarrollo del modelaje la …

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Jasmin Calle

Q: What is your alias or the name you like to be called by? A: My real name Jasmin Calle Q: What is your nationality? A: Colombian Q: Are you a full time model? A: No part time Q: What do you like to do on your time off away from modeling? A: Spending time …

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Q: Who has been your favorite artist to work with? A: Fuego is one of the guys I have seen come up from scratch and we both grew together me as a producer and him as an artist. So that journey has been very dear to me, but every artist that I’ve worked with gave …

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