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State control of marijuana market should be seen as part of long and pragmatic tradition of market intervention and nationalisation Inhaling deeply from a large joint of unadulterated cannabis, Marcelo Vasquez grins at the imminent prospect of his outlawed passion becoming Uruguay’s newest state-sanctioned industry. This week, the country’s senate is expected to pass the …

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Jose Feliciano

Jose Feliciano, one of the living legends of Latin music, is kicking off his US tour this coming Thursday, October 18, at the House of Blues in San Diego, California. The famous Puerto Rican guitarist will take advantage of this new series of concerts to promote the album The King: By Jose Feliciano, his latest …

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Jose Curbelo

José Curbelo, a Cuban-born pianist and bandleader who went on to manage the biggest stars of Latin dance music, died on Friday in Miami. He was 95. Breaking news about the arts, coverage of live events, critical reviews, multimedia and more. Go to Arts Beat » A sortable calendar of noteworthy cultural events in the …

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