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DJ Negrito

Q:How much weight have you lost in this whole process? A:40 -45 pounds in the whole process Q:How do you feel mentally and physically? A: I feel way better than before,i feel very confident and can do 95 percent of things i couldn’t do when i was bigger. Q:Weight loss has become a very big …

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Veejay The Deejay

VeeJay, the young disc jockey born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, started pursuing his DeeJay career in1999 and started no different than any other DeeJay’s in this world, mixing at home and enjoying his hobby. As he listened to favorites such as Alex Sensation, DeeJay Precise, DeeJay Lobo and other major DeeJay’s in the tri-state …

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DJ Cho-Kay - Baja Panty 3 (Mix)

Baja Panty Part 3 the brought to you by Orlando own Reggaeton Master DJ Cho-Kay!

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DJ Amo

Q:How much weight have you lost in this whole process? A: So far I lost 122lbs and not stopping til I hit my goal of Losing 250lbs Q:How do you feel mentally and physically? A:Physically I be in pain at time because I been over weight for 10 yrs and it took a toll on my body. …

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Q:How different is it going from working in front of a camera to working behind the mic at a radio station? At first, it was night and day. On radio, I can at times go to work with shorts and chancletas and no one is watching me. On camera you have to be on point …

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Junior Tec

“Club DJ”; Mr. “Party, Party, Party”, Mr. “I Play, You Listen”, Mr. “Spidey”, The inventor of the “Blend Remixes”. Before He was any of these names, DJ Junior Tec was a young Puerto Rican kid named William De Jesus, from the Bronx, in New York City. At the age of 14 introduced to his turntables, …

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Where did your career begin? Well, my career began in breakdancing, as a b-boy. I really enjoyed that for awhile, until one day my mother took me to a dance show at Hostos Community College in the Bronx. There was a dj on stage and at one point during the show, I automatically fell in …

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DJ Lobo

DJ LOBO was born and raised in Queens New York in 1977. Since the young age of 10, he became mesmerized by the art of spinning, watching his brother practice on mixing music in their house. DJ Lobo’s first big break came at the age of fifteen playing in clubs in Queens,. Since the opportunity …

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