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  Make Sure To Check Out SOLOS New Unplugged Video For Te Quiero Amar.

New Music From Bachata Group 4Ever – Tu Amor Es Luz Mastered

Make Sure To Check Out Group Impress Live @ Salsa Latina Orlando January 20, 2013

The new musical Lantin Pop Rock group “SoloS” “Alone” is comprised of three talented young guys: Omar (vocalist/guitarist), Marvin (vocalist) and Gabriel (guitarist). This group has its origins and early steps in the city of New York. Marvin, who at an early age was passionate about music decided to take singing and piano lessons to …

Girlz Talk

In a genre historically dominated by males, the bachata industry has acquired the perfect touch of femininity, which has been long awaited. GIRLZTALK is the prevalent female bachata group creating frenzy amongst its widespread audience. While the group has been formed since 2008, the dynamic duo of Marlyn Jimenez and Judy Santos have dominated individually …