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Mezetto Restaurant Review

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Did Diddy Call Out French Montana For Performing With 50 Cent?

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Boxing Report: Floyd Mayweather Agrees to Give Manny Pacquiao a Rematch After His Shoulder Heals!

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“Hoodie Season” is coming! How exciting! Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. Spotted as a Fall 2012 Trend Alert are large, comfortable and bold knits! Don’t worry these aren’t your grandmothers knit sweaters. Who says you can not be trendy and comfy? These large knit sweaters seen on the runway have bold, strong …

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So… while browsing the internet for fashion week clips I fell absolutely in love with Zippers. A new style that is blossoming throughout fashion week and across fashion sites including are the use of ZIPPERS as hair accessories. Keep your hair simple, maybe a few curls, but loose and free with a zipper hair …

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Rick Ross

FIT is the important point when fashion comes to Men or Women! A few readers have asked me many questions about “styles for larger people”. You can wear the same styles as men that are very skinny… just make sure it fits you well!! “Baggy” is NOT your friend… Baggy clothes just accentuates weight that …

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Brian Atwood Shoes

Fall Fashion styles are out in our mist.. yet, Florida is still 100 degrees out. Gr. The latest fashion trend to incorporate into our Summer/Fall transition are heels. Not your average 6 inch stiletto, but a 6 inch (or lower for the comfort conscious fashionista) PIN-POINT heel. The Pin Point Heel has been hitting magazines …

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  It is August. Most regions of the world are already experiencing the chills of fall while in Florida we are still dealing with excruciating heat. Not to complain. Still in beach mode.. White Knit and Navy Blue are the upcoming mixes for this season. Neimen Marcus calls Navy Blue the “new neutral”. Try a …

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Neon Pants

Another for the ladies… Fall is on it’s way so let’s dish out some last minute summer trends before the weather changes. I’m sure you have all seen these new neon denim jeans everywhere, from your high end boutiques to your local outlet mall. From neon yellow to neon purple these colorful jeans can be …

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CC Crop Top

  It’s the beginning of August and summer is in full swing!!! We all know what that means.. More Sun = More Skin! The latest trend this season is all about Crop Tops. These aren’t the same tight fitted crop tops from the 90’s, but more loose and free. Don’t fret this style looks great …

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