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DJ Aneudy

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Dominican Independence 2017 Mixtape

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New York’s Latino landscape has changed, with Dominicans outnumbering Puerto Ricans in the city, according to a new study. A decline in Puerto Ricans plus a rise in people from the Dominican Republic has led to the population shift that could impact the cultural and political scene, said City University researchers. There were 747,473 Dominicans …

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New and Exclusive from Tito Knoise Presents Big Pun Hits (Knoise Edition)

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Jay Z often broadcasted his support and love for Ace of Spades in his songs and music videos. His infamous 40/40 Club is even laced with several bottles of the luxurious champagne. Well according to the New York Post, the hip-hop mogul has just added another business to his belt. Jay Z is now the new owner …

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  International Club King. Heavy Hitter. Host of the #1 show at 2 PM in the #1 radio market in the United States. Party Rocker. Ciroc Boy. Before he was any of these things, DJ Camilo was a Colombian kid from Queens named Juan Camilo Sanchez. Introduced to the art of turntables at age 12, …

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Check out this video of Sujeto Oro 24 Not Happy with New York Promoters and Journalists.

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  Rafael Pineda is a retired Cuban-American television news reporter and anchor for the Spanish language station WXTV, the Univision affiliate in New York City. Born in 1938 in Cuba, he later immigrated to the United States as an adult. In the position since 1971, Pineda surpassed Bill Beutel of WABC-TV as the longest-serving anchor …

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