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Watch as Don Francisco says goodbye to all of his viewers of Sabado Gigante on his last episode.

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Thank You #donfrancisco for all the great and amazing memories not only with in music but also with entertainment and your love for the world and people who watched your show!!! #legend #univision #sghastasiempre #latino #sabadogigante 

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After 53 years on the air on Sept. 19 Univision will air the last episode of Sabado Gigante hosted by Mario Kreutzberger or as we all know him Don Francisco. This latest episode entitled Sabado Gigante:Hasta Siempre will feature a great list of Latin Artist that have been on the show in the past such as Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Paulina Rubio, …

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As a young boy living in Paterson, NJ I could never understand why not matter what I was doing or where I was I was found myself coming home to watch Sábado Gigante. Every Saturday night it was my grandmother and me ready to start our 3 hour long show of music, news, comedy and …

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Don Francisco now has a street named after him in Washington Heights NYC, where hundreds of his fans gathered on Tuesday to show their love and support. Don Francisco Boulevard is the new name for 168th Street and Broadway in Upper Manhattan, home to a large Dominican community in NYC. Tuesday Latinos filled the square …

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After receiving a standing ovation from his emotional audience, Don Francisco, the popular host of Sabado Gigante, tried to explain why television’s longest-running show is coming to an end. Created by its boisterous host, the weekly three-hour show, which means “Giant Saturday” in English, has long been Univision’s most popular program. But on Friday (April …

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After 53 years, Don Francisco will finally put down the mic. Univision says it will stop making the legendarily unpredictable variety show Sábado Gigante in September, ending a run that began in 1962 when Chile’s Mario Kreutzberger started entertaining viewers as Don Francisco. Sábado Gigante has been a ratings and cultural phenomenon, captivating viewers with …

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Watch Maffio’s emotional performance from this Saturdays Sabado Gigante show.

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