The day Shakira and Alejandro Sanz made history at the MTV VMAs

On the morning of this August 29, the MTV Video Music Awards took place, music awards with great weight at an international level that focus, above all, on the audiovisual part of the artistic works. Since their creation in the mid-1980s, the galas have featured great moments that have marked the history of music.

One of them, for example, was starred by Shakira and Alejandro Sanz in 2005. Despite the fact that these awards had been given for more than 20 years, an artist (or several) had not yet been seen performing a song completely in Spanish. on stage.

This was changed by La Tortura, the hit with which the one from Barranquilla and the one from Madrid united continents and broke the language barrier. Alejandro Sanz and Shakira performed the song on the American Airlines Arena stage in the city of Miami, taking our language around the world and making history at this award ceremony.

The Colombian left everyone speechless with the movement of her hips while a blond Alejandro Sanz accompanied her on the guitar, spreading his energy to a dedicated audience that vibrated with each note of this addictive song.

Although perhaps they were not very aware then, both were planting the seed of the harvest that we reap today. Currently Latin music is more present than ever in the world, and it is not strange to see names like Maluma performing at the MTV VMAs. Nor collecting awards, because in fact the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny has obtained the Artist of the Year award in this latest edition.

Shakira and Alejandro Sanz were also one of the first cases of collaboration between Latin America and Spain. Latin sounds had already conquered us in the 90s with names like Chayanne, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony or Shakira herself.

Now collaborations between Spain and countries across the pond are the order of the day, but we cannot forget that they were the ones who paved the way in this regard.

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