The huge and emotional tattoo that Arcángel made in honor of his late younger brother

On November 21, 2022, the first anniversary of the death of Justin Santos, younger brother of the singer Arcángel, who lost his life in a traffic accident that continues to give much to talk about, was celebrated, even though a reasonable amount of time has passed. since that fateful day.

And it is that the person responsible for the car accident continues without receiving a sentence for his actions and his trial continues to drag on. On the other hand, the family remains expectant, waiting for what, according to them, is the best decision of all to be taken in order to do justice and respect the laws.

One of those relatives who have been pending and affected by all is, precisely, the singer Arcángel, who has also dedicated absolutely all his efforts to pay homage to his brother based on his work and also his image, since he recently said that he got a tattoo in her honor.

Aware that all his fans should be aware of everything he does, Arcángel published a series of photos and videos of the process of a tattoo that was being done on his chest and abdomen, which was too laborious and, evidently, painful due to to the size and dimension of the design.

To avoid all the discomfort of the process, the urban artist had to receive general anesthesia to sleep for four hours of the two days that all the effort of the people who made the tattoo lasted, since, as seen in his publications, it was not only a tattoo artist in charge of making a tremendous work of visual art.

Although at that time the singer taught the process, he still had to show what the result had been, generating great expectations among his fans, which dissipated when he published the images of the finished tattoo.

On the day that Justin Santos’ first year of death was remembered, Arcángel published the video clip of his song “JS4E” on all his social networks, which is clearly dedicated to his younger brother.

In this audiovisual content, while the artist sings, the tattooing process is shown and in the last few minutes the fantastic result is seen, which left many with their mouths open.

The work covered the entire part of the chest and abdomen and it shows the different stages in the life of his brother and his name, which will remain forever marked on his skin.

“It is worth crying for who deserves each of your tears. You will always be in my heart my son, brother and friend. I will never stop mentioning you, I will never stop telling the world how much I love you, how much you mean to me. Today, after 365 days, I started writing our book. Keep flying high down here, I will continue to ensure that your name never, ever dies, ”were some of his words in his message.

On the early morning of November 21, 2021, Arcángel’s younger brother was driving a Can-Am-type vehicle across the Teodoro Moscoso bridge, in Puerto Rico, when Mayra Enid Nevares Torres, driving a Hyundai Tucson, invaded his lane and hit the car. the car. Justin Santos and Keven Monserrate Gandía, his co-pilot, shot out of their seats. Santos died. His companion was seriously injured. The person responsible for the accident was intoxicated.

Through a series of posts on his Instagram account, Arcángel gave details about the tattoo that was made in honor of his deceased brother and thanks to that we were able to realize that this creation process was not a conventional one, but rather demanded the anesthesia application.

But we are not referring to local anesthesia either, which is usually used in these cases before and during work. The reggaeton player had to receive general anesthesia and sleep for four hours in two days, according to what he himself has expressed.

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