The sensual chemistry between the urban singer Lenny Tavárez and Anitta overflows in ‘Qué vamo’ hacer’

In the first quarter of the year, a very daring and sensual dance exploded on social networks, with tutorials and as a trend; that is, everyone wanted to show that they had mastered the ‘wrap’ challenge, which is why it became a trend. It is about the hot steps that follow the chorus of Envolver, one of the recent songs by the singer Anitta.

For this reason, when the urban artist Lenny Tavárez was connected in a video call interview to talk about his new record production, which includes a single with the Brazilian, one of the questions was if he had learned the hot dance. In addition to being a singer, songwriter and producer, Julio González Tavárez, as his real name is, is also a renowned Puerto Rican dancer.

By his post, he burst out laughing. “I think that I did not learn it, Anitta has a special and unique seasoning, there is no way to imitate her and that it suits us, but I did try once”, reveals the interpreter of Fantasies, Caviar and Does not want love.

Lenny has just released his latest work, Krack Deluxe (2022), which is, as its name suggests, a reloaded edition of his previous album, Krack (2021). Recharged, because it comes with three new compositions: La Pared 720; TBT Remix; and What are we going to do, with Anitta.


Certainly, the collaboration with Anitta is one of the most sensual on this album. They both sing: “Have a good time who doesn’t like it / when a devil and an angel get together?“. The collaboration came about because they both belong to the same label, Warner Music, where they have not only cultivated a professional relationship, but also a musical chemistry that can be seen in their other works, such as the remix of Bellaquita.

Anitta is very simple, she is a very upright woman, direct when she doesn’t like things and when she loves them, she lets you know and I love her honesty. I think that her honesty is hers with what the whole world has been able to connect with her, in addition to her dancing. Her sensuality is what leads her to be honest, if she feels that way and she feels sexy, she will project it”, says the urban musician.

“I have a very nice relationship with Anitta, I have shared compositions with her that have nothing to do with me and it has worked out well for us. Really all the works and projects that I have been able to do with her have been a success”, complements Lenny.

Tavárez is one of that new blood that has come to reggaeton along with new stars to enhance this genre that captured the music scene almost 30 years ago. The new singles from Krack Deluxe came with collaborations with artists of the moment as well as icons of the ‘old school’.

I want you to understand something: I love music. There is nothing within the urban genre that I do not like. There are songs by artists that I don’t love and anyway I say ‘if we get together, I think we can do something incredible’. I always try to find a way back to be able to connect with most of the artists of my genre”, highlights Lenny, who confesses that he would like to work, if given the opportunity, with his compatriots from reggaeton: Wisin y Yandel, Tego Calderón, Anuel AA, Don Omar, among others.

“I would love to collaborate with the whole genre, if I could I would make an album called With the whole genre!” He jokes.

As it is for many artists, 2022 is also the year where Lenny Tavárez has resumed face-to-face shows. In fact, the singer was in Quito less than two weeks ago to sing at the Urban Fest on April 29. But unlike the others, this year it will be led by his baby Miami Zabelle, who was born recently and is his first daughter.


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