Tiago PZK has confirmed the release of a new song that will be released on July 8th. Casa de Chapa will be part of his new album, Portales, which comes out on July 21. This song is the sixth advance that the Argentine gives us so that the wait for the album becomes more enjoyable.

Gotti A has become a benchmark in urban music and will not stop surprising his fans. At just 20 years old, he has built up a large following that loves his music and will flock to his Portales Tour.

His career is going through the best moment for him. An international tour, first studio album and new projects are just some of the successes that he is cultivating. And now, through his official Instagram account, he announces this new song that smacks of Argentine success. According to what he has published, Casa de Chapa will be released on July 8th.



The Argentine wanted to show the entire audience a piece of the song so that they understand that this song is very special to him. It is a video with images of Argentina, country flags, full studios and concerts. A succession of everything he has lived through.

In what we have been able to hear, Tiago PZK recounts how he started in music and everything he had to do to get where he is now. They were rough beginnings, in which he had to pay bills and get his mother out of the neighborhood while he tried to climb into music.

“House of sheet metal when he had nothing”, this is how the clip begins, referring to the title of the song. With the passing of the images of the singer’s first achievements we see the evolution that he has had in his personal and professional life. When the end comes, we see videos of his concerts that are full of people, while he sings that now “he fills stadiums, businessman’s salaries and the quoted Gotti“.

After hearing this, we are sure that it will be another advance that will make people talk. We must remember that it was the singer himself who explained that he was not worried about the acceptance of the album, since everything he has released so far is “breaking”.

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