TIMØ, the Colombian pop trio has been capturing the hearts of people across Colombia. Last week TIMØ announced their first ever concert in Bogota, Colombia after the pandemic, which sold out in just one week. Due to the quick success of ticket sales, they soon announced a second date, which seems to be selling out just as quickly. The concerts will host approximately 550 fans and will take place in Teatro ABC in Bogotá, Colombia on December 4th/5th, 2021.

After releasing extremely relatable relationship storylines with Cinco A Zero and Espejito Espejito, they bring us their new single titled “Amigos” (Friends.) The song produced by Mauricio Rengifo and Andres Torres, is a hymn to the dilemma of being in the “friend zone.” That uncomfortable place where the person you like only sees you as a friend. The song has unique lyrics telling the story of a man who wants to leave the friend zone and become more to the girl he’s in love with. It is, without a doubt, a story with which many people will easily identify.

The video takes place in a clothing store that consists of three females and one male employee. The male clerk is in love with one of his female coworkers, but she only sees him as a friend, he knows someone else has stolen her heart. There are mannequins throughout the store but three of them stand out more than the rest. When the store closes, the female coworkers want to stay behind to spend extra time dressing these mannequins. However, these mannequins come to life in a plot twist and guess who they are?! The members of TIMØ!

For this video, the band wanted to create a different story which is why they decided to recreate three mannequins that looked exactly like them. In addition, the three girls who star in the video are big influencers in Colombia, including Juanita Molina, one of the main characters of the renowned Colombian series, “La Reina del Flow.

In the words of TIMØ, “If you listen to Amigos and identify yourself, we regret to inform you that you are in the “friend zone.”

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