Tini joins Tiago PZK to release her new single “El Último Beso” |

The Argentine singer-songwriter joins her compatriot in this pop tune about the end of a relationship in which they combine their musical talents.

Argentine actress, singer and songwriter Tini teams up with her compatriot Tiago PZK to release her new single “El Último Beso”. The two combine their musical talents in this pop tune about the end of a relationship.

Tini’s smooth, melodic voice and unrivaled pop vocal performance coupled with moving verses from Tiago PZK, who offers his emotional earnestness, instantly transport listeners to that emotional precipice brought by the song which is now available on all platforms. digital.

“El Último Beso” was written and produced by an all-star team of writers and composers including Tini, Tiago PZK, and Latin Grammy winners Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres. This track is truly a collaborative effort, with so much love poured into it by an eclectic team of artists.

“I love his talent from the first time I heard it, I always wanted to share music with him, so I am very happy that the time has come and they can finally listen to this song that we have saved for so long. I hope you enjoy it a lot and the day will come soon when we can meet at a show and sing it “, shared Tini.

“It is a pleasure to make a song with one of the most professional and experienced women in my country, the song is from the heart and has a very real message about ties,” says Tiago PZK.

The official music video follows both artists as they play a couple whose relationship is on the brink of failure. The video begins with the two together with montages of them getting tattoos. The relationship develops throughout the video as TINI and Tiago PZK bring the lyrics to life with emotionally moving performances.

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