Tito Rojas is still present with the new album entitled “Me Tienes Que Recordar”

Two years after his departure, El Legado de Tito Rojas continues to be more current than ever on the salsa music charts, which is why his record label Musical Productions directed by the brothers Juan Hidalgo and Nelson Estévez make it prevail as an important part of his music catalogue, demonstrating that salsa lives and its legacy should be respected and valued more than ever.

One of the best ways to remember the legacy of “Gallo de la Salsa” is to turn to his musical hits, those songs that occupied the charts in his 50-year career; with an album titled “You have to remember me”, with 25 cuts from his musical career, which includes that song that bears the same title from the album that was recently released on the anniversary of Salsa in Puerto Rico.

These are some of the hits that you can enjoy on this new album to commemorate two years after his departure:

“Siempre Seré,” one of Tito’s biggest hits in his half-century career, is song number six from his 1990 album “Sensual,” which topped the charts in one of the quintessential Latin genres. “I will always be the one to calm your desire to love but I will never get to imagine the depths of your soul, of your heart”, says the chorus of one of the most remembered classics of pink sauce from the end of the 19th century.

“Ella se hació deseso”, another classic from the 1990 album “Sensual” produced by the musical label “Musical Productions”, which had a vinyl version appreciated by collectors of romantic sauce.

“I will return to you”, one of the hits of “Gallo de la Salsa” from the album “Tito Rojas” from 1992 in one of the most important and prolific decades of the Puerto Rican artist. “I will return to you. Because I carry your scent on my skin. Because you have taught me to love. And to feel what I have never felt before”, interprets the artist.

“Señora de madrugada”, one of the few tributes to sex workers that have been written and performed in popular music, was presented by Tito Rojas in 1993 on the studio album “A Mi Estilo”, qualified with a score of 4, 7 stars by the Disco Songs portal. “And she continues to be a lady in front of the people. It doesn’t matter if she falls for some good client. And she remains faithful lady to the appointment. And her face is decorated by being pretty, ”says the well-known verse of Señora de Madrugada.

“I have collided with life”, a song from the musical album “A Mi Estilo” from 1993 tells of the way in which life regains meaning after hard blows and difficult moments. “I have crashed but never like now. I have come back to life. Well, my people miss me”, sings Tito Rojas in the 1993 classic.

“Nobody is eternal”, the cover that Tito Rojas made of the spiteful music classic in 1992 on his self-titled album to the popular music singer Dario Gómez, which was well received by lovers of salsa and popular music for the tribute. “Nobody is eternal in the world. Not even having a heart. How much he feels and sighs. For life and love”, begins one of the most emblematic songs of Colombian popular music that became salsa.

“Usted”, a piece of music from the 1995 album “Por Derecho Propio” and one of the songs most remembered by Rojas fans, “Usted” is a hymn for lovers from the 1990s when salsa rosa had occupied a special place on the classic charts and Latin stations. “The prettiest woman. The Queen of my heart. The only fan of my songs. Last night in my arms he fell asleep”, proclaims Tito Rojas in Usted.

“Protector, bohemian and lover of boleros. Lively, fajón and with a good attitude despite any setback were the main characteristics of Tito, who in life despite his character was a great character ”, comments Juan Hidalgo President of the Label.

The daughters of the well-remembered singer Tito Rojas are aware of the admiration that prevails among the fans for whom he left a deep mark in the salsa book. For the artist who gave his all on stage to fully enjoy his interaction with his audience.

But Kisha and Jessica see so much more. They remember the father who, while insisting on his dream of devoting himself to singing, he went to work on his bicycle to the job on duty to, along with his wife, bring support to the house. To the one who, far from economic stability, he embraced them under a roof of the Section 8 Program, of the Public Housing Administration, in Humacao; and a doting grandfather who watched over the welfare of his grandchildren.

Memories of the sweet man, lover of desserts. From the smiling father, determined that his daughters lack nothing, they come to light in the proud daughters, who confess how hard it is to talk about the “Gallo Salsero” two years after his departure.

“People don’t know, because people saw him on a stage sing for an hour, sign autographs, take photos with them. But when we returned home, what was seen behind the door, we know. That’s when you analyze the moment so quickly… painful that sudden death was.”

The daughter of Tito Rojas, Jessica Rojas, who managed the strings of his career in recent years, expressed “I thank God for the life of each one of you, his followers, for all the love and support, who sing every one of his songs and for keeping my dad alive, this legacy does not die, always grateful to his record company for this Tribute, he knows he will always live in our hearts.”

Tito’s legacy continues in the hands of his record company and family, with great surprises for his followers, as he said “Dale Pa’ Bajo y Coge Pa ’tu Casa”.

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