TNSVJ (Tu Novio Se Va Joder) New Music

With DerekVinci at the helm, Vinny Rivera, Jiory, and NJC release their new single “Tu Novio Se Va Joder” or “TNSVJ” for short. The song is an original urban and spicey composition in bachata that both listeners and dancers will enjoy. The fusion of Pop, R&B, and grass roots Bachata in their vocal performances is what makes this song special and unique. “TNSVJ” is one of many songs to follow Vinny Rivera’s soon to be released Ep “Titan”. Produced and co-written by DerekVinci, “TNSVJ” was a collaborative effort involving musicians from Europe, the USA and Dominican Republic that came together to craft a beautiful work of both music and art. 

Vinny Rivera and DerekVinci offer a new style in what is Bachata Sensual the world has embraced and accepted as fans and dancers alike flood social media sites with clips and videos with their passionate performances and pieces to Vinny and DerekVinci’s music. “TNSVJ” has all the perfect elements to keep listeners, listening and dancers, dancing and will soon be following up with more music as their song catalog continues to grow.

“TNSVJ” is released on all digital platforms, and will be heavily promoted in Europe and the US via Social media ads, Dj Pools, Latin Radio and all the Bachata dance schools across the globe. Vinny and DerekVinci are excited for the future of Bachata as the world continues to dance to their music offering those, a taste of what’s to come as they begin to crack “The Bachata Code”.


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