‘Toca Madera’ new single by Bacilos

«Toca Madera» is a song written by Bacilos, Jorge Villamizar and André Lopes; and co-written/produced by Jona Camacho and Alfonso Ordoñez, Award-Winning Venezuelan Producer; the recording was made at the Red Dot studios in Miami.

It was born from a progression that I was working on, with an idea that was spinning around in my head and I took it to a composition session that we had with Jona and Alfonso” – Andre Lopes.

This unexpected union has managed to combine the Anglo and Latin influences of Bacilos, resulting in an innovative song that will surely surprise his fans.

The video clip was recorded in Bogotá and directed by Christian Schmid Rincón, Colombian-German director. Recognized for his work with Fonseca, Diego Torres, Choquibtown and Matisse, among others. The story of the clip revolves around an adult couple whose age is not the limit for love and conquest.

It also has the participation of the most famous street dancer in Bogotá, Reinaldo Galvis Gutiérrez, hero of the Colombian capital.

«As soon as I heard the mix of TOCA MADERA, an image of two men who go out to dinner, conquer each other, have fun and love to dance came to mind.» –Jorge Villamizar.

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