Tokischa & Ozuna “Somos Iguales”

Ozuna joins forces with the Dominican rapper Tokischa, in his new single “Somos Iguales”, a danceable song that invites the listener to flow and enjoy without inhibitions to the sound of a fusion of burning Caribbean rhythms.

“Somos Iguales” premiered this Wednesday on all digital music platforms and is accompanied by a video clip filmed in the city of Madrid, Spain.

In the narrative of “Somos Iguales”, which takes place in a disco and party atmosphere, both performers call for Equality and Inclusion, highlighting music and dance as a unifying entity that transcends social and cultural barriers. With his unmistakable style and powerful voice, Ozuna lays the groundwork declaring that “on the dance floor, anything goes; Here we are all the same…”.

Tokischa, for her part, adds her magic with her seal of authenticity and provocative lyrics, free of censorship and stereotypes.

“Somos Iguales” is also distinguished by reviving a dancehall reggae classic by incorporating parts of the original track from “Rich Girl” (1993), by the British duo Louchie Lou and Michie One.


The musical production of the single was in charge of DJ Luian, Mambo Kingz, Jowny, and Hydro, with the result of an intense formula in which the contemporary sounds of reggaeton and dembow are intermingled.

On the other hand, the creative concept of the video for “Somos Iguales”, directed by Nuno Gomes, tries to capture the central message of the song from another perspective.

In it, the artists are presented breaking into a room where an audience of leaders of different nationalities is taking place.

Everyone in the auditorium is practically hypnotized listening to the music of Ozuna and Tokischa, who immediately take full control of the space.

As a consequence, they all end up dancing to the same rhythm, and even confronting and appeasing the law and order agents who arrive to try to handle the situation.

Ozuna, one of the most listened to Latin artists worldwide today, presented his new concert tour during the month of July before massive audiences in several European cities.

In the United States, the extensive tour has 24 confirmed dates, beginning on September 30, 2022 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. Prior to the start of his US tour, the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter will perform at the ABC network’s “Good Morning America” ​​summer concert series on August 26 in the emblematic Central Park in New York.


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