Top 10 Latin Thanksgiving Dishes

1. Pavochòn – Roasted Turkey

Roasting a turkey for Thanksgiving as if it were lechòn (suckling pig) has been a tradition in Puerto Rico since the island became an American commonwealth and adopted the holiday. Normally, the meat of choice for the holidays is roasted suckling pork. So it only makes sense to combine the tradition of the islands with an American tradition and serve turkey that tastes like roasted pork for Thanksgiving. This flavor intensive recipe will go over well with the most discriminating of tastes.

2. Pernil – Pork Roast

If you prefer to cook the traditional meat of choice for the holidays, here is a smaller version of a roasted pig. The recipe calls for roasting a shoulder picnic cut or butt roast. Leftovers make awesome cuban sandwiches.

3. Mofongo Stuffing – Green Plantain Turkey Stuffing

Plantain Turkey Stuffing, also called Mofongo Stuffing, is an excellent alternative to the traditional breaded and meat stuffing associated with a thanksgiving turkey. This mouthwatering stuffing is made from plantains, bacon, garlic, and ajíces dulces (sweet chili peppers).

4. Cuban Fufu – Sweet Plantain Stuffing

Cuban Fufu is similar to Mofongo Stuffing, but the recipe calls for ripe plantains. If you don’t like green plantains, you can make this sweet plantain stuffing mashed with bacon and onion. This recipe makes a sweet yet savory turkey dressing or side dish.

5. Arroz con Gandules – Rice with Pigeon Peas

Instead of mashed potatoes, try Puerto Rico’s national dish. This recipe is a rice and pea dish seasoned with sofrito and diced ham.

6. Surullitos – Cornmeal Cheese Sticks

Replace your biscuits, rolls or cornbread with this recipe. Surullitos are easy to make cornmeal cheese sticks that can be served warm as a side dish or as a snack.

7. Besitos de Coco – Coconut Kisses

Besitos de coco are a favorite treat in the Spanish speaking islands. They are a great substitute for cookies. Here is a simple basic recipe, which can be dressed up by adding nuts or dipping kisses in chocolate.

8. Coconut Flan

If your traditional fare includes custard, why not try something a little different this year. Here’s a creamy custard dessert with a tropical twist. Not only will the taste “wow them” but the presentation is beautiful as well.

9. Bacardi Rum Cake

The About Guide to Desserts and Baking presents a tried and true recipe for the traditional rum cake.

10. Puerto Ricon Coquito

Puerto Ricon Coqutio is a Latin version of Egg Nog made with Coconut and different spices the liquid is then mixed with rum for a great taste.

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