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Freshmen Summer Edition 2020 Mixtape

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Dominican Festival Mixtape 2020

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Ozuna “Nibiru” Mixtape Mixed by DJ Boogy

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As the ultimate homage to music, KYEN?ES?, is an exciting, new concept by Saban Music Group (SMG) that focuses on the musical performance. KYEN?ES? from the Spanish phrase ‘Quien es?’ is about the experience of music—the songs, sounds, and culture that resonate with audiences worldwide. This inspiring movement encourages all generations and cultures to immerse …

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New Ozuna, Bad Bunny, & Natanael Cano Trap Edition Mix from our very own DJ Ishy.

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New Bachata Mix from one of our newest membersDJ Rabia Bachata Mix #1.

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New from DJ Cruelone “Freestyle Mix 2020”    

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Check out the first of many mixes from the West Coat DJ Gracy D – Quarantine Party Hits 101 now streaming.

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MC Ingryd is a Brazilian funk artist from Rio de Janeiro. In 2019 she had a hit with ‘Vem Me Satisfazer’, a collaboration with DJ Henrique da VK.  “Vem Me Satisfazer” came about by chance and today the original version of the song is still on top charts in Brazil. Ingryd also recorded a remix …

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Check out our new Freshmen Class of Summer 2020 as we introduce 4 new members to the family. DJ Rabia, DJ Gracy D, DJ Ice, and DJ Ora.

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