Viernes 13 Dominicano (Pelicula de @ThatsDominican)

Viernes13-Dominicano had exclusive access to movie premier at Uptown Social Lounge located on 186 Dyckman St , NY. The 25 min short film was viewed by local actors and producers and other figures in the music business such as  2strongmusic ( Prince Royce , Aventura, Extreme producer ) Robert Kruz director of photography , Movie Director Miguelina Olivares who’s working on an upcoming film called “El Exorcismo de Anna ” TV Host Albert Noeul and actor Wigner Duartes who is part of the film “The Black Men in the Black Suit”. Overall the premier was a great success and received a great reaction from everyone that was at the premier. You can find the YouTube video under this post so make sure to watch it and let us know what you think.

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