Vikina Lopez

Latin urban pop artist Vikina burst onto the music scene last year with the release of her single, “Loca de amor.” The single, produced by sP Polanco, combined the unmistakable rhythm of urban bachata with R&B-inspired Spanglish vocals. For her newest single “Una Noche”, Vikina has decided to add her unique vocals onto the infectious rhythms of Reggaeton. With this fusion she hopes to add a lasting feminine touch and positive impact on the Urban-Latin Genre. Vikina’s rich voice and fresh message will captivate listeners and leave them wanting much more from this emerging artist.

Born in Miami to Cuban and Ecuadorian parents, Vikina (Victoria Cristina López) was drawn to music at an early age. She started performing at family functions and learned about harmonizing in the church choir. Vikina received piano and acting training throughout her youth but has always been primarily passionate about singing for others. Under the artistic name Victoria, she has already shared her talent at a variety of venues, including Sábado Gigante, the Latin Grammy Street Parties, & Calle 8. The young songstress has even had the opportunity to open up for Don Omar as a member of the band Los Primeros.

Vikina identifies herself as a blend of the cultures and musical influences that surrounded her from birth: “As a born and raised Miami girl, I consider my personality to be a fusion, a melting pot of cultures and sounds. I have Caribbean and South American influences in my blood, but I still identify as American.” As a result, Vikina looked to a variety of role models, such as Shakira, J-Lo, Selena, Beyoncé, and Gloria Estefan. Her music reflects the rhythms of her Latin roots with a vocal style that is reminiscent of R&B and Pop in a fusion that is true to who she is. “I want to sing my way on top of the rhythms that I like with no genre boundaries!” Vikina adds, “When I hear a bachata, salsa, or merengue rhythm, it’s almost like my heartbeat–it’s in my blood.”

Vikina’s talent and determination go hand in hand. Her unwavering dedication to success in the music industry attracted the attention of ASCAP award winner and two-time Grammy nominee sP Polanco to develop her new direction. sP, who has over ten top 10 songs on Latin Billboards to his credit, has helped Vikina develop her new sound, which he describes as a unique blend: “It’s as if Shakira, Beyoncé, and Ivy Queen had a baby.”

Vikina hopes to fill a void that she sees for just such a fusion, and specifically, for young Latin women. “As a young modern Latina, I don’t really hear enough music on Spanish radio that I can identify with lyrically,” she says. “I’m confident in what I bring to the table, and that’s part of the message and role model that I want to be for women in what I sing.” Vikina’s current project interweaves this determination and dedication with her musical talent, unending optimism, and passion for her art to create a product that is as unique as the artist herself.

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