Wealthiest ZIP code? Not 90210


Where do America’s wealthiest hang their ridiculously expensive hats? After working hard all day to purchase the universe, where do they relax in a gold-plated Jacuzzi?

Not in New York. Or San Francisco. Or Beverly Hills.

According to the Higley 1000, many of the country’s richest residents live in neighborhoods off the beaten path. Increasingly, some of these areas are more racially diverse.

Newport Beach, Calif.

In the heart of the O.C., two neighborhoods in particular make the Higley 1000 list: Pelican Hill, ZIP code 92657, with its ocean views, and Cameo Shores, ZIP code 92625, with access to private beaches. The average income here is about $550,000, and in Pelican Hill, nearly 1 in 4 residents is nonwhite.

East Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

This area of historic luxury apartment buildings has been declared a historic landmark. To live here, in ZIP code 60611, you’ll need an average income of nearly $600,000. Ethnically, it’s still overwhelmingly white. African-Americans are the second-largest ethnic group, at a mere 2.5 percent.

Near Washington, DC

Shocker, several of the wealthiest neighborhoods are in suburbs of the nation’s capital. Money + Power = America. There’s Swinks Mill Road, an exclusive area of high-end homes in McLean, Va., 22102. Next door in Maryland, two areas of Potomac make the list—Carderock and Potomac Manors (a neighborhood made up of 42 custom-built homes). Wealthiest of all is a neighborhood in Bethesda called Bradley Manor, ZIP code 20817, where incomes average $599,400 and where over 3 percent of the population is now African-American, 5 percent is Latino and over 8 percent is Asian.

Coral Gables, Fla.

High-end homes dot a 15-mile stretch of Old Cutler Road south of Miami, including ZIP code 33157. Here, Latino residents are close to becoming a majority—47.7 percent, compared with 47.9 percent whites.

And the richest of all

The wealthiest neighborhood, according to the list, is the appropriately named “Golden Triangle” in Greenwich, Conn., ZIP code 06830. According to Forbes, this is home to some of the nation’s richest Americans, people who put the “green” in Greenwich. Average incomes here top $610,000 a year.

“The relatively large number of Latinos found around the Burning Tree Country Club in Greenwich, Conn. (12.9 percent) is interesting,” Stephen Higley wrote in his report, adding that incomes around the country club are roughly the same across ethnic groups. “Evidently this subset of Latinos have found the keys to the kingdom that is Greenwich.”

Higley sifted through U.S. Census data and census area subdivisions where the mean income was more than $200,000 to create his ranking of the richest neighborhoods.

–Courtesy of Yahoo! Finance

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