Willie Colon and Calle 13 Clash over Hugo Chavez’s Condition and The Future of Venezuela

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Twitter has become the ring of an unexpected ‘fight’ between two of the most influential artists in Latin music. Legendary Salsa star Willie Colon and Latin Urban sensation band Calle 13 have exchanged different messages regarding the current health condition of Hugo Chavez and the political future of Venezuela.

Everything started last week when Willie Colon wrote the following tweet on his account @williecolon: “God bless Venezuela now that has two presidents… one ripe and the other rotten.” The two adjectives used by Colon on that tweet, which was originally written in Spanish, were referred to Venezuela’s Vicepresident Nicolas Maduro and President Hugo Chavez. While ripe literally means maduro in Spanish, rotten supported the idea that Hugo Chavez is already dead after the cancer-related surgery he went through in Cuba.

Thousands of people reacted to that entry bringing to Twitter their own views about the current political situation in Venezuela. As a result, Willie Colon has been praised by those who are against Hugo Chavez and attacked by those who support the President.

In this scenario, Calle 13 has joined the debate as one of the most notorious voices supporting Hugo Chavez. The band’s lead singer Rene Perez (a.k.a. Residente), criticized Willie Colon’s tweet stating that “one thing is to defend a political ideal, but it is another thing to mock a patient with cancer. Colon’s comments were violently insensitive.”

Since then, the two stars have nurtured a tasteless fight that has gotten a bit ugly. For instance, Calle 13 has portrayed Willie Colon as an old man who has been always a second-class artist behind the Panamanian singer Ruben Blades. Similarly, Willie Colon has retweeted some comments stating that Calle 13 supports Hugo Chavez and the FARC, Colombia’s largest terrorist group.

Hopefully, this fight won’t last long. However, the feelings regarding Venezuela’s political situation are hot right now and these two artists are in the opposite sides of this confrontation. We’ll see how it goes.

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