Zaira presents her new single, “Sin Verle”

Very young but with a long history behind her and with heart-stopping numbers, Zaira already has songs with more than 15 million views and several hits behind her.

Zaira speaks for Cádiz Sounds Good and Andalucía Information.

You present “Sin Verle”, what feelings do you have about this new challenge?

Well, the truth is that the sensations are good. I am very positive and if you add the great affection that we have put into this song and the connection that we have between us, nothing can go wrong.

What is the reception to this work by the public?

The reception is being really incredible. Everyone I talk to and interact with tells me that they love the subject, so you can imagine how happy and excited I am. I’m super happy.

With the participation of María Artés, Indara and Lya. What can you tell us about these great artists?

As I have mentioned before, we have an incredible connection, I am a fan of all three. They are great artists.

What did Canal Sur Televisión mean at the beginning of your career?

It has meant a lot, both personally and for my professional career in music. Personally, I have a totally incredible experience in my life, I gained a lot of friends, Juan is incredible and I took a special affection for him. Professionally, thanks to Canal Sur I have been able to continue growing and I have had much more visibility, many more people have seen me. She will always be grateful to Canal Sur. I adore you.

Could you send a message to the audience of Cádiz Sounds Good and Andalucía Information?

Of course!!!! A huge kiss for all the people who listen to us and enjoy music, which is the best thing in the world. To enjoy and be happy, that life is precious.

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