Andrea Bocelli’s Hard Rock Performance, Not A Dry Eye In the House!

Before becoming a global sensation as the best-selling opera singer in history — opera, as some have described his huge crossover success — the Italian superstar graduated with a law degree from the University of Pisa and worked as a lawyer by trade.

Andrea Bocelli’s switch from litigation to libretto came only after the blind singer decided his heart was in singing arias and cadenzas, not analyzing depositions and appealing convictions.

“I graduated in the mid-1980s with a thesis entitled Natural Law and History According to Montesquieu, a subject that I loved and that took me many months of intense study,” recalls Andrea Bocelli, who opens his 2022 Believe US tour in six cities with a concert on Wednesday, June 15 at the Pechanga Arena in San Diego. He will perform another 11 dates in the United States in December.

“I studied law, in part, giving in to my father’s insistence,” he explained in an email interview from his home near Pisa. “But I am happy to have followed these studies because law is a fundamental field for everyone, since it proposes rules for human coexistence.”

Bocelli, 63, used a Braille computer and translation software for his law studies. At night, he sang and played in bars with piano. Like the late Ray Charles before him, he too is an avid chess player.

On another special gratifying note about Andrea Bocelli is that as you may know his artistic repute is beyond lawyer status to say the least.

His starlite presentation in the Hard Rock in Atlantic City, truly captivated the audience. His duo with Pia Toscano was a powerful rendition of harmony and holiness through every blend of sound and emotion. Not a dry in the room from shock of disbelieve to actually be seeing Andrea Bocelli and hearing him in live in concert.


Talk about truly a multitalented!

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