A New Sound Out of Tampa Bay

Written by Cesar Ramirez and DJ GeeBoogie

Onazi a Tampa Bay resident artist born as Onassi Perez from the City of San Cristobal Dominican Republic share with LaMezcla.com the man behind the music. He moved to United States with a dream of becoming a musical artist in 2006 when he wrote, performed and produce his first song.  His inspiration came from his dad who loved music just as much as he did.   His family who always supported his dream has always been a part of his progress not only by celebrating his accomplishments but also giving him honest criticism when needed. In 2011 his first professional opportunity became a reality when he was asked to do a commercial for an Auto dealership and there his professional journey began.


Onazi spent some time with Lamezcla.com to answer a few questions about the man, and the music:


Q: How long have you been in the music business?
Onazi: Been in the game since 2006 this summer will be 10 years performing in the bay area.


Q: Tell me about your name Onazi?
Onassi is my real name but I spell it with a z as a stage name.


Q: Describe your as an artist?
I consider myself a creative person that is fearless as I am not afraid to do anything. I enjoy all relevant genre and I don’t want to get stuck in any one place not just reggeatonero.  I like to keep my options open.


Q: What type of artist do you want to be
I enjoy doing Merengue Electronico music.


Q: Who do you compare yourself to.
I don’t compare myself to anybody everyone is different.  I try to be the best me.  I am just trying to make a difference in the business as me.


Q: When it comes to Merengue who do you look up to and admire
Onazi: Growing up I would listen to Ruby Perez because he comes from home town and Juan Luis Guerra.


Q: What is the latest track you are pushing?
I have a song called Entra Cuarto and we have a video that is posted on YouTube.  The song is about a female coming into the room and turn off the light.  I have fun playing with the words with double meaning. I have some news songs that I will be releasing soon.


Q: Who would you like to do a collaboration with?
I would like to work with Maffio since he also does Merengue Electronico and I definitely would like to work with Fuego and Omega and others artist like Farruko.


Q: You have this song and video that you are trying to promote, so what’s next for you?
I am working on a media tour in Dominican Republic since I am getting a lot of love from there and they have really been supportive to my music.


Q: For all the young artist out there trying to get themselves discovered what word of advice can you offer?
Don’t change and stay true to your roots.  Also be smart on how you promote your music to get the right audience. If you don’t invest the right way to promote your music you are going to fail.


Q: Where can people find you music?
Onazi: My songs can be found on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, google play store and other digital outlets.


Q: What can we expect at the Tampa Take Over on February 27th and Club tropics.
Onazi: I am working on a nice show for The Tampa Take Over and I look forward to a fun night.


Onazi is a talented artist who undoubtedly will impact the music business with his unique style.  With high energy, clever use of lyrics Onazi introduces a fun party vide that will get the dance floor packed and moving.  Follow Onazi on Instagram @onazitdn


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