Alex Sensation Releases New Single “After Party” with Farruko, Prince Royce, Mariah Angeliq and Kevin Lyttle.

Alex Sensation is back and dropping heat with this next track. Alex, a well rounded artist who has shaken the music scene with his creations, releases “After Party;” an epic single inspired by the song “Turn me on,” featuring an unrivaled collaboration with Farruko, Prince Royce, Mariah Angeliq and the artist of the original song Kevin Lyttle.

“After Party” was born when Alex Sensation invited Prince Royce to create a Spanish version of the song “Turn me on.”  Royce enthusiastically agreed and soon after Alex and producer, Jeon Arvani met up in Aruba to compose the chorus and set the beat. All the artists who were invited for the ensemble accepted the invitation; as soon as they heard the song they immediately recognized it was a hit.

The song talks about a man and a woman who meet at a party and feel an unstoppable attraction, but since they’re both accompanied by other people they decide to meet later, alone, at the “After Party.” This is a collective project in which the participating artists wrote their own verse, thus creating a song marked by an electrifying diversity.

The video that accompanies “After Party” captures the essence of what happens when a party is over and some people head to a hotel or a house to continue the celebration. It is a message of complicity for those people who know exactly what happens at the “After Party.”

Alex Sensation proves that his creativity and songs are indeed a sensation. He will not stop surprising the audience with his power and innovative projects. Stay tuned for more!

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