Anishya Sue Reyes Latin Model Q&A/Interview

Anishya Sue Reyes
Anishya Sue Reyes
Anishya Reyes
Anishya Reyes

Q: What is your alias or the name you like to be called by? 
A: Anishya Sue Reyes

Q: What is your nationality? 
A: Were the most beautiful women are from PUERTO RICO!

Q: Do you consider yourself a freak in the sheets? 
A: Never kiss and tell..but I will say that my future Price will be a VERY happy man.

Q: What are 3 qualities in guys that make you melt?
A: FUNNYY if he’s not funny theres nooo chance,( Will Ferrell type funny), Cultured..Im diverse you teach me I teach you and Creative…no movies and Italian food dates…pure creativity.

Q: Are you the type to get the party started or do you wait to start having fun?
A: I get the party started…I can have a blast locked up in a box….just make sure i have some beers or patron lol

Q: If there was one word for your type of guy what would it be?

Q: What are 3 things about you that make dudes look back and be like DDAAAAAAM!!!!!? 
A: My eyes, smile…..and yeahh boobs jajaj

Q: What’s your favorite type of modeling(swimsuit,business,beach,lingerie)? 
A: My personal favorite is artistic dark backgrounds, crazy poses…but popularity rules so I also enjoy what gets notice beach and linngerie.

Q: What do you think makes you different from other models?
A: My creativity and willingness to try diffrent things..also im veryy humble and funny…kind of a nerd…I play video games, paint and read

Q: If you were asked to become a playboy bunny for Hugh Heffner would you do it? 
A: HELL YEAH only a platemate though, that is the ONLY nudity I would EVER do.

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