Popstar Anitta made available this third-fair (16) a section of the Lobby collaborative party, which will feature the special participation of legend Missy Elliott. The single is an integral part of the deluxe version of Versions Of Me and will be released on digital platforms by Warner Records.

A small part of Lobby was shared on Anitta’s official account on the TikTok platform, where the artist appears dressed as a white model, dark glasses and hairless lenço.


Anitta is a non-stop in terms of music and, despite recovering from her endometriosis operation, she releases a new song every week. This is thanks to a project that has been proposed to be released in the form of a trilogy of very powerful songs to add them to the Deluxe version of the Versions of me album. He has delighted us with Gata and El Que Espera with Maluma, but now he brings us a collaboration of titans with Missy Elliot.

We already knew the title of that song. It’s called Lobby and it will be released on August 18. On the 1st of this month, Anitta published a small preview on her Instagram account in which she showed us that it was going to be a real hit. The song has been recorded for several weeks and at the beginning of July the artists moved to Atlanta to shoot the video clip. “Yes! I’m shooting a music video with Missy Elliot and it’s not a dream,” explained the Brazilian on Twitter just at that precise moment.

For two weeks, the artist has been releasing songs. She first premiered Gata, where she transforms into a real Cat Woman to dedicate the song to all those single women who dance alone and don’t fall in love. Later, she surprised us with Maluma in El Que Espera, while she recounted a love story that did not go as expected.

With Lobby, the Brazilian completes this trilogy of songs that she has been preparing for months and that will form the new version of Versions of me. Anitta’s latest album is a fusion of styles and languages, and it seems that she will continue this trail. “Versions of Me is a trilingual album, with multicultural and diverse references. In this project I do not try to embrace the world, but to embrace all my facets”, defined the singer when she premiered this work. There is still no release date for this Deluxe format, although it will surely arrive soon.

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