Anthony DJ Amo Valette “Life on the Heavy Side”

DJ Amo
DJ Amo
Q:How much weight have you lost in this whole process?
A: So far I lost 122lbs and not stopping til I hit my goal of Losing 250lbs
Q:How do you feel mentally and physically?
A:Physically I be in pain at time because I been over weight for 10 yrs and it took a toll on my body. but I am doing better I walk, Run, Swim & Play Basketball Again.  Something I haven’t done in 7 years. Mentally I feel little better about my self and I starting to Get More Attention from the ladies. NOT THAT I WASN’T A SEXY DUDE BEFORE LOL!
Q:Weight loss has become a very big issue for a lot of people, how did you stay focused and manage to lose so much weight?
A: Eat better and don’t starve yourself. EAT!! You gotta EAT also Make small goals to get too & reward yourself every now and then.
Q:What advice do you have for other people that are trying to reach the same goal that you have?
A: Eat Clean!! cut your salt and sugar intake. More water, Fruits and Veggies. Pay attention what u eat. Fast food is not good at all. one meal from burger king or McDonald’s
is 2/3 of your calorie intake not good at all. Most important thing is a diet is a life style. if you are on a shake type diet or low carb diet unless you plan to do this for the rest of your life don’t start it. those are temporary fixes. you will gain it back. I lost 122 lbs and it feels like i wasn’t even trying.
Q:What have you been doing to keep the weight off and continue to lose weight?
A: Eat Clean and every now and then I eat a burger and a slice of pizza this way I won’t miss those foods. when i say every now and then i mean once or twice a month. you work hard reward yourself time to time. alot of walking, Biking and swimming. go to the gym 2 to 3 times a week. if you go to the gym everyday your body is going to give up or you going to get tired of it.
Q:Are you scared of gaining all the weight back again?
A: Yes!! but I am single now so I don’t have my Ex Wife Good  cooking to get me big lol. She is the best Cook I know.
Better then Grandma and Moms. But the way I am Eating and doing it I am going to stay like this. I don’t miss the food because I eat what i want when I reward myself.
Q:How has this effected your work and DJing skills?
A: It was a Big impact because in 2008 & 2009 I travel the world as a DJ & when I hit my peak weight I had problems getting booked because Promoters and Club owners didn’t want to pay for 2 plane tickets due to that new 250lbs have to buy 2 tickets rule. round trip to japan is $2000 so that double they have to pay to get me there so $4000+ hotel and my price was too much. so my out of state bookings slowed down. now its picking up again. also I have more energy and i show it when i spin and the fans feed off of my energy.
Q:Is it true that now yoru changing your DJ name to “DJ amo The Sexy Mixtape Assassin”?
A: LMAO Naw I was Always called DJ AMO THE MIXTAPE ASSASSIN AKA BIG SEXY AKA EL GORDITO CHULO LOL But before I go I want to thank you for being the first to do a Q&A on weight loss. United States is doing really bad and we are called the obese nation which is something we need to change. I really hope I got to help someone with this
Q&A. I get 20 plus emails a day asking how I am doing it. JUST REMEMBER IF YOU DON’T THINK YOU GOING TO DO IT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE DON’T DO IT. I don’t do shakes or pills and I lost 122lbs in little over 8 months and it don’t feel like a diet.
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