Are Shakira and Bad Bunny preparing a song?

The long-awaited song from Barranquilla had more than 3 million views in the first 24 hours and debuted at number 12 worldwide on Spotify.

While the video, which he co-directed with Jaume de Laiguana, had more than 20 million views on the first day of release, being number 1 in trends on YouTube, according to the Sony production company in a statement.

After the success of both songs, Shakira’s fans speculate on a new collaboration with Bad Bunny and several of them recalled that both artists had a collaboration in 2020, after the Colombian singer performed at the Super Bowl halftime show 2020 and the Puerto Rican accompanied her on stage.

According to Shakira’s fans, the artist hinted at her new collaboration with Bad Bunny and began to speculate about the third release of her new album.

Everything originated after Shakira responded to some messages that followers left on social networks after the release of Monotonía, the bachata that she sings with Ozuna.

JaviFerrariTV, one of the content creators who commented on Shakira’s recent success and invited her to collaborate with the Puerto Rican, spoke on digital platforms.

Shakira calls Bad Bunny. You only need Bad Bunny. My people, I hope you can imagine Shakira with Bad Bunny would break the internet, “said JaviFerrariTV.

The message became relevant due to the response of the Colombian singer herself in which she stated that she is willing to work with Bad Bunny. “I’m waiting for him to call me Bunny yes! How do you know?” wrote the Colombian artist.

In addition, the Puerto Rican posted a message on his Twitter account that generated more reactions from the fans of both artists.

In the publication, which was later deleted, Bad Bunny included the flag of Colombia and that of Puerto Rico, demonstrating a possible union between him and Shakira.

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