Are Yailin la Más Viral & Anuel AA OVER????

The singers Yailin and Anuel decided to get married last June in a very private and simple ceremony between the two. The civil wedding was held in the Dominican Republic and the celebrities announced their marriage on social networks. Likewise, the couple has been sharing their love and day to day with their followers. They frequently post photos together and loving dedications to each other.

Therefore, the relationship that began at the beginning of 2022 seemed to be going from strength to strength and that the singers had future plans, until just a few weeks ago they declared that they wanted to have children. However, in recent days, Anuel reported that she would postpone her long-awaited 2023 music tour, for which many questioned that it was due to Yailin’s alleged pregnancy.

The Dominican, after rumors of an alleged pregnancy, denied that she was expecting a baby and even published a harsh message to the press. She even showed her a photograph of her flat abdomen to show that she was not pregnant. “I will give some advice to communicators: if one has not confirmed something, do not do it so that you do not look for a case and you are not prepared for that. Besides, after all, they are not going to keep them. They have to stop that if they don’t mention me they don’t do numbers, but I understand them. Do not look for my mouth because I have it very dirty, ”Yailin wrote on August 12.

For his part, Anuel did not comment on the subject but assured that his new wife wants to have children eventually. Likewise, the Puerto Rican artist is facing a lawsuit for full custody of his 9-year-old son, Pablo Anuel, product of a past relationship.

Local media in the Dominican Republic have spread the news of Yailin’s supposed divorce in the last few hours, assuring that the woman would also be expecting a baby and, above all, the couple of artists would not be having a good time in the relationship. The journalist named Moisés Salce from the television network “Telemicro” said that this would be their first inconvenience as spouses and that Anuel would have jealousy problems, which would have been the result of the discussion.

Yailín deactivated her Instagram account, they say out there, supposedly, that it would be the first fight, argument, marital separation between her and Anuel,” he revealed. Finally, the speculations continue to increase and the press statements have already been spread on social networks. However, some followers of the couple made their sadness felt for the bad moment that Anuel and Yailin are supposedly experiencing.

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