Arlene Gonzalez

Arlene Gonzalez

Arlene Gonzalez

Singer /Songwriter in both languages Arlene Gonzalez has been writing since she was 5 years old.  From a Hispanic Background Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian she moved to Fort Lauderdale to pursue her career. March of 2009 she left Corona Queens, NY and made the leap to Coral Springs Florida.  There she established an amazing career.  Arlene Gonzalez released the opening of Platinum G Records in March of 2011 and is working with Grammy winner Jon FX on her production of her single in both languages ILLUSION, four times Grammy winning engineer Mark Lee engineering the track which will be a hit record.  Arlene Gonzalez has a great talent in writing music she has writing all her song and is currently working on writing for several artists.

Coming from a musical background, father Oscar Gonzalez Trio los Nobles in Puerto Rico and New York award winning vocalist and guitarist is a legend.  Arlene Gonzalez has a blueprint of all his tracks in which she will redo into modern dance music and bring out to the Spanish Market.

Platinum G Records was established to have a Fusion of all types of music combined to bring the culture of the artist and the style of music that we all listen to now, from Latin, Salsa, Pop, techno, Reggae, Reggeaton, etc. Platinum G Records was established to obtain a Distribution deal thru a major record label and tour all throughout world.

Arlene Gonzalez has performed in the 116th festival in New York.  Her hit Vete a Salsa song she wrote is a hit in Panama as well as ILLUSION and a song called BORIQUA SOMOS which is targeted to Puerto Rico’s beauty. She has also been asked to perform at Las Fiestas Patronales in Puerto Rico, Aguadilla, Moca and Sebastian on September 8, 2011 for a three city tour.  She has shows set up for the next few months and is in the mist of writing and recording her salsa album coming very soon.

Arlene Gonzalez, the CEO of Platinum G Records has established a label where it’s a fusion all types of music not one particular genera. Enabling live bands and young upcoming producers to explore in the mixing of cultures and genera’s in their music.  Establishing such an entity will reach each market at the same time.  Instead of crossing over to particular genera of music it will be a fusion of the combinations of cultures because music is the key to the soul.

Her  music is playing in in Panama in in Miami, 91.3 in  philadelphia and 104.5  FM la Zona en Puerto Rico

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