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  I’m back with the unsigned local artists on the verge, few years back I wrote about a group of A listed young talented local artists in southwest Florida area. Now I’m back to talk about a little about this young talented artist goes by the name Raynel Vega, better known as “N.R.O ” which stands for “Nobody Expected Raynels’ Outcome”, born in Miami, Florida in a typical Cuban household , In 2000 his family made the move to west coast part of FL and has since resided in Naples, Fl . At a very young age his mother introduced him to the art of poetry who allowed him to gain an appreciation for it early on in his life, He grew up listening to 2 Live Crew, NAS, Tupac, and many other influential artists, but wasn’t until around the eighth grade that he began to try writing his own lyrics.

Nro was taught the significance of “rap” bars and the breakdown of actual songs. Like every other parents if you are not gonna be a lawyer or a Doctors they’re gonna be against it especially the whole rap thing, Later on his parent  Eventually allowed him to pursue his passion for music after few people telling them “Your Son has That Gift don’t hold him back from his Dream”. Nro had that creative way of approaching music and mixed little bits and pieces of different genres to his work to standout from the rest. Striving to stay in tuned with whats in style but at the same time thinking outside of the box. He later would enter any local talent shows to compete against other local artists to promote his music. Nro’s talent has given him the opportunity to open for many major acts such as –

Fat joe, Ludacris, 3six mafia, Juvenile, Picalo, Pitbull, Arcangel, Tito el bambino, T.i., Lloyd, Lil scrappy, Ying yang twins, Cool n dre, Ace hood ,Uncle luke, Tony sunshine, Jowell y randy, Julio voltio, Pretty ricky ,Youngbloodz, Ivy Queen, Uncle Luke, DJ Laz, Don Dinero, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, just to name a few and as well as other local artists. Working with producers such as Diaz Brothers, Johnny Juliano, Young seph, Nine diamond, El capitan, Chris Mecca, Valentino Moroder and many more.

Over the years Nro drop couples of mixtapes but one that caught my eyes was one of his mixtape call “Proper Ganda” I picked up the mixtape on the counter at a music video shoot I was in, I play it and I was like wow this kid has talent, who is this Nro guy I have to meet him, I was finally introduced to him by a mutual friend, we got to chat Nro is a very humble, smart, talent person that is going after what he love to do and his passion for music. He is on the Verge of exploding into this scene, making a huge impact in the hip-hop community. He is currently working with Kevin Carbo ( El Capi) The Facility studio on his upcoming projects out in the summer called “NOW or NVR” mixtape his official mixtape single “F**k wit me” off his “Now or NVR” project. Follow his movement and upcoming music and news on, twitter @nro239, Soundcloud/Nero-10 ,  Instagram  @nro27.

I’m out one love be safe Eli.

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