Aventura is back with new single “Inmortal”

For the past couple of year Romeo has always teased all of his fans with new music or a new album on April Fools. This year he teased a new song with Aventura but we received nothing but a video saying sorry that it was an April Fools joke and that he hopes his fans can forgive him for his joke. Many social media celebrities such as @radelortiz took advantage of the moment asking Romeo why he enjoys playing jokes on his fans in a new comedy video. Then something amazing happened, Romeo once again posted on social media stating that the joke was not about the song, the joke was the day and time the song was going to be released. After this message we received a special sneak peak of Aventuras newest song “Inmortal” that will be part of Romeo’s newest project Utopia. Inmortal is set to release this Friday April 5 on all music platforms. This will bring back Romeo, Henry, Lenny, and Max back together since they lasted toured back in 2015. Make sure to check back with us this Friday for everything Aventura and on the new project Utopia. 

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