Bachatero Domenic Marte presents new music

In the style of urban pop today, the bachatero Domenic Marte is presenting several songs simultaneously. “Vete”, are “Lo Se”, are some of the titles of this artist, who began to stand out publicly in 2003.

Despite being born in Boston, singer Domenic Marte has bachata in his DNA; The artist was born into a Latino family in which his father is Dominican and his mother Puerto Rican. “I have bachata in my blood. My dad always told me: ‘the best thing you do is sing bachata, I don’t want to see you sing in any other genre,'” the interpreter recalled with a laugh.

And following the advice of his father, Domenic Marte presents “Lo Sé”, his most recent promotional song that comes off the album For You and with which he prepares to take bachata to several cities in the country. He has six albums under his belt, of which “For You Vol. 1” is the most recent.


“No career is easy, but I am grateful to life for what I have achieved and for those who follow me,” he said, in a telephone conversation from his home in Boston.


“One of the secrets of permanence is to innovate all the time, to offer the public new things”, he affirms and exemplifies that in the song “Vete” he included the participation of Ecuadorian Andean musicians.

Domenic does not stop and is about to start a concert tour that will take him to different countries. “I am very dedicated to my craft,” he maintains.


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