Bad Bunny Makes History with Uforia Live Stream Concert in NYC

Only Bad Bunny can take a semi truck designed as a subway train with police escort and do a full on live concert driving through out the streets of New York City and that’s exactly what just happened. Univision Uforia has been promoting a unique and one of a kind performance by Bad Bunny live from NYC on YouTube and Uforia Outlets. The event was scheduled for September 20 starting at 6PM East Coast streaming to the world and with not much info the world tuned in. Over 1.4 Million fans tuned in on YouTube to watch a historical moment as we saw Bad Bunny on top of a semi truck designed as a New York City subway train parked in front of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and driving down E161 St.

Alone side El Conejo Malo  were some of his friends and featured artist with special appearance by Sech streaming from Panama with them performing “Ignorantes” which is probably one of the best special appearance in any live stream. Another artist to appear in the stream was Mora who performed “Una Vez” live from Puerto Rico. The final artist appearance was made by Bunny’s best friend from Colombia J Balvin as they performed their hit single “La Canción” from their Oasis album.

The subway came to a stop in front of the Harlem Hospital where a crowd of Bunny fans gathered to meet the him as he performed his last set of the night. Hit after hit Bunny did what many did not think could be possible during a time where social distancing and staying safe has stopped so many from taking part in musical events. Bad Bunny did something that will forever bet set in stone as the first major musical event to be held during the COVID-19 era even more ironic to be set in New York where the pandemic had left a major mark.

Tonight is something that will go down in history and is what continues to set Bad Bunny apart from all other artist. The fact that he chose to take part of a moment like this for his fans during a world pandemic is unthinkable. Overall the night was amazing and Bunny did an amazing job alongside the crew, Ufoira, and Univision for putting this together. I am sure I am not the only one who was thankful for the performance and live stream, showing the world that anything is possible as long as you are creative in the process and raising the bar for all future music events. Check out some pictures and the Youtube stream from Bunny’s YouTube channel of the full event, also make sure to leave a comment below and letting us know if you liked the event and what was your favorite part.

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