Black Labol

Black Labol

Q: How did the name Black Labol come about?
A: Back in 2000 I had a friend who identified herself with one of my songs and said that for her it was labol in her life, and since I am also dark skin, so there for comes “Black” and that is how my name came about Where are you originally from? Km11 Azua, Dominican Republic

Q: How did the you Black Labol the rapper become a Mambero?
A: I am not a “Mambero”, I consider myself to be a versatile artist that can do all types of music. My first love is Rap, but I don’t confine myself to just that.

Q: What other genre’s or types of music do you have in store for the public in the future?
A: One side of me that people may not know is that I also make rock music, besides Hip Hop, Merengue Urbano and Regueaton, I have mix of many sounds that cannot be labeled in just one genre.

Q: How do you feel being in the spot light?
A: The spot light is great, but I feel that you loose a part of yourself in it. You loose your personal life and the freedom to do many things that you used to do before people knew your name.

Q: What other artist would you like to work with in the future?
A: In Hip Hop with Vico C, and in Merengue with Rikarena.

Q: What advise can you give other artist coming up in merengue music?
A: New comers have to understand that there is a difference between being a fanatic of the movement just to become famous and actually being the artist that represents and respects the Urban Movement. They have to find that defining moment in their careers as to who they are and what they want to become. Once you’ve know what you want, don’t ever give up and fight hard to make it all happen. Good Luck!

Q: As a musical group playing urban music how do you feel being heard by people from all different types of latin nationalities?
A: It feels good to know that my music reaches all people, and it even feels better when I perfom and see that first hand.

Q: Can you describe, briefly, where your planning to go next with your musical projects?
A: Back to basics, Dominican Republic, the birth place of Merengue and Merengue Urbano

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