Blessd ventures into Virtual Reality

Urban genre superstar Blessd premieres her first video made entirely in virtual reality of global success “Who TV” with Warner Music America and Meta Horizon Worlds. The music video is now available in its two-dimensional version on the artist’s Facebook page.

Without a doubt, “Quien Tv”, which currently has more than 57 million views on YouTube, has become one of the most loved songs and chanted by all the public in clubs and Blessd shows all over the planet and now also will be in charge of breaking the barrier of reality and will break all the schemes from the

Blessd is an artist committed to her audience who focuses her processes on generate experiences that transcend beyond music and that each carry their releases to another level, to continue becoming a benchmark in the music industry world.

Within the wide musical repertoire of Blessd, this song was chosen to break the metaverse. Meta, Warner Music, JM World Music and CIGOL detected in “Quien Tv” a special projection and organic reach that will allow it to continue expanding growth dynamic of this song in the field of virtual reality.
About the video:

The video shows Blessd arriving at the recording studio while it is being sent messages with the girl he likes, both interact under a daily conversation, which unleashes an encounter within a virtual world. Through the scenes, we see Blessd exploring his virtual world while he is looking for the girl who has him crazy, by same time that he is to all his fans who accompany him in the Blessd World (World
by Blessd), identified by the artist’s emblematic logo projected on the stage.

To bring amazing artwork to life Warner Music Latina, Blessd, Meta, NSpire Create Labs and Merc. Holdings Inc. joined forces to bring the meticulous and detailed work to out, thus creating the first Latin music video within the Meta Horizon Worlds, bringing the innovation and versatility of the artist and all the allies who participate at another level. Meta Horizon Worlds is an immersive social experience where you can explore, play, and create together. It is a stepping stone to the metaverse; physical distance does not have to limit the people’s ability to connect with each other and meaningful opportunities. The
metaverse will allow experiences and connections beyond what is possible in the world
physical, or in today’s digital world.

There is no doubt that Blessd, along with its labels Warner Music Latina and JM World Music –
Cigol and his Just One Click management team will continue to establish themselves as one of the
most emblematic and innovative artists of the Latin urban genre with the greatest worldwide projection.

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