The boys of BTS announced their break as a group more than a month ago and some of them started releasing music as solo artists. Jungkook collaborated with Charlie Puth and J-Hope already has his first album on the market, with which he is not doing badly despite being his debut. However, although the members of the boyband are already with their heads set on their own careers, projects they have with the group continue to come to light.

Recently, the collaboration they recorded for Benny Blanco’s next album, together with the music and Snoop Dogg, called Bad Decisions, which we can listen to on August 5, was confirmed. We also know that they will have a movie and a documentary series on Disney Plus, after an agreement with the company.

However, this is not all, since its link with the next Soccer World Cup to be held in Qatar at the end of 2022 has been confirmed. They do so through a campaign launched by Hyundai Motor Company to promote sustainability. and everything related to ecology. The project is called Goal Of The Century and the singers are not the only participants because soccer players like Park Jisung, captain of the South Korean soccer team, or Steve Gerrard will also be present.

According to Korean media, BTS will have another role in this campaign in addition to promoting the sustainable part. They will release a song on the occasion of the World Cup in Qatar and we will be able to listen to it in the second half of the year. The title, the date and in what language it will be sung are still unknown, but its connection to this sporting event has already been confirmed.

BTS are very aware of the environment and doing responsible activities to try to reduce pollution. In an interview for Hyundai, they talked about what this fact means for them: “Creating a sustainable world is no longer just a task for one person. It is the goal of the century that everyone can achieve in solidarity,” said Jin. Furthermore, RM commented on some of his hobbies: “I love to grow plants. My goal of the century is to pass on the green forest, the environment and the land to the next generation.”

We will have to wait a little while to hear the new song that BTS is preparing and that will be part of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. ©copyright

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