Casa Buchanan’s Latin Billboards Kickoff Party

Last Wednesday, Miami’s world-famous music and social scene personalities gathered to kick off the Billboard Awards and celebrate the greatness of Latin music at Casa Buchanan’s. Artists such as Luis Fonsi, Nacho, Prince Royce, Jackie Cruz, Zuleyka Rivera, Jorge Bernal, J Quiles, Jerry Rivera, Deorro, Jason Cerda, celebrity chef Juan Manuel Barrientos and Natti Natasha received exclusive access To this private party and toasted with luxurious cocktails for the success of Latin artists.

During the evening, renowned artists enjoyed a unique pop-up offering different experiences alongside luxurious and artisan concoctions such as live art, barbers and exceptional music from the duet of two Grammy Award-winning DJs and Billboard Nominees this year, Play -N-Skillz.

LUIS FONSI, who will performed for the first time live his song “Despacito” at the Billboard Awards, spoke about how “Mr. Bieber “, who after hearing the song in a disco in Colombia and seeing the reaction of the people, contacted him to do the remix. Two days later, they were recording together and Justin Bieber was singing in Spanish for the first time. Things like these show “the greatness of the Latino community” and how “It’s Our Moment”, in Fonsi’s own words, who said that now more than ever is the time for the Latino community to be united and excel.

Fonsi, who celebrated Latin talent in “the most beautiful city in the world” enjoyed the different experiences at Casa Buchanan’s, including a barbershop within the party. He was heard saying that he is a Whiskey fan, that his favorite is the super exclusive Buchanan’s Red Seal, and that he prefers it on the rocks!

NACHO, whose first solo song, “Báilame”, has enchanted the world, talked about how his culture and heritage is present in everything he does and how the Latino community has a great positive influence in the world when he said ” The world is tastier with fusions and mixtures. ” He also said that “it is our time to demonstrate that we are indeed made.”

Nacho enjoyed learning how to make bartending flair at the party and enjoyed the Sugarcane cocktail made with Buchanan’s. He was also with Fonsi during the night and he was heard saying that he has an appointment with Fonsi in the studio soon!

Nacho said the city of Miami “is made for me, it’s perfect. I love its unpredictable weather because I like surprises. It’s a wonderful city where we have a great cultural mix, and one learns a lot from those cultures. “

ZULEYKA RIVERA, danced all night, beginning with his steps from the video of “Despacito” on the green carpet in the party, dancing to the music of Play N Skillz. Zuleyka also joined the fun with a graffiti artist who was at Buchanan’s House, and set to paint along with her.

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