Cazzu appeared in the new video clip of Christian Nodal and Kany García

The interpreter of the Mexican regional joined his voice with the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter in “LaNext”, a song of heartbreak

Christian Nodal surprised his fans with a new collaboration alongside none other than Kany García, a Puerto Rican singer-songwriter who has won multiple Latin Grammy awards during her artistic career and is currently nominated for the 2022 award, just like the performer. Mexican. Since they premiered The Next, they have remained among the first places of popularity with their video clip that drew attention due to the unexpected presence of Cazzu.

It was on September 22 when the interpreter of “Hoy ya me voy” released her new single on multiple digital platforms, including YouTube, where she uploaded the video she recorded with the native of Sonora, Mexico. In the images, both appear in what appears to be a room that was characterized by being flooded with plants.

The artists told the story of a couple who ended their relationship due to differences that were portrayed in the audiovisual fragment. It was in one of those shots that Cazzu, an Argentine singer who for a few months has been romantically related to Christian Nodal, unexpectedly appeared, as they have been seen together at concerts and events.

The rapper entered at minute 2:44 lying on a rug next to Kany Garcia. Although her face cannot be seen in the images, it is known that it is her thanks to the fact that she revealed the tattoo of an animated face that she has on her abdomen and that on different occasions she has boasted through social networks her.

But that was not all, a shot after her you can clearly see the spider tattoo that frames her collarbone. It is worth mentioning that Cazzu feels a special appreciation for her arachnids and not only wears them on her skin, but also makes them part of her outfits, video clips and shows with references to her, becoming the icon that represents her.

In fact, everything seems to indicate that Christian Nodal got a tattoo in her honor on her face by placing a small spider web on her forehead. This after hiding the drawings that were made in tribute to Belinda, her ex-fiancée.

At first, the presence of Cazzu in The following went unnoticed, but it only took a few minutes for the fans of the Mexican singer to point out the tattoos. As expected, the fragment of the video clip went viral on social networks, where users applauded the song and highlighted that Nodal involved his current partner in his collaboration.

“Me flying to see the video to see Cazzu.” “@belindatok even grabs Cazzu as a model.” “The song is very beautiful.” “Here are those of us who came to see the full video just because Cazzu came out.” “Poor Cazzu, they’re taking her to heaven when she falls, it’s going to hurt a lot.” “That you worry about the next bone cazzu“. “The same thing he did with Belinda and nodal creates something new to entertain me”, were some reactions on TikTok.

In an interview for Infobae Mexico, the Puerto Rican explained that it was very important for her to leave her genre and venture into others, so she decided to join forces with the Sonoran, who is considered one of the strongest Mexican regional interpreters of the moment.

That’s why for me bringing Nodal to the table was forceful, bringing his musicians and learning from them was necessary for the song to have the credibility it deserved.

“I have been very surprised when they have adapted my songs to what banda music is, it is one of the things that surprises me a lot about Mexico, that this type of music has the opportunity to grab any song and make it feel Mexican . That is very difficult and that speaks volumes about the cultural weight, as well as the country’s folklore”, she stated.

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