Christina Aguilera returns to her latin roots of music!

Twelve years have passed since the release of “Mi Reflejo”, the first album recorded entirely in Spanish by Christina Aguilera. Since then, the American singer, The Ecuadorian Starlette, has been giving more and more space to her Latin origins in music, with the release of “La Fuerza”, an EP recorded in no language, which culminated in the album “AGUILERA”. In a recent interview at “Harpers Bazaar Vietnã”, a star spoke about his career and this reunion with his roots.

Not starting this year, Xtina released the EP “La Fuerza”, with a total of six songs. Or work still continued to deliver or “La Tormenta”, dating the album “AGUILERA”, still promising a third part, or “La Luz“. This return, second ela, is part of a more intimate sense of self.

Recently, I rediscovered my Latin roots and deepened my knowledge of this musical style”, says the diva of pop music. “I have the confidence that my music is less influenced by the outside world. São art created from a creative soul”, endorses the diva.

Before her comeback, much acclaimed by the fanbase, Christina Aguilera proved to be a complete artist, becoming a technician of “The Voice USA”, between the years of 2011 and 2016, and appearing on the canvas through films such as “Burlesque”, from 2010, “ Nashville”, 2015. She guarantees that she has plans to return to acting in cinemas, parallel to her work in music.

About her cinematographic career, she promised: “No future, maybe I will concentrate more on cinema. I am going to work with a director and a director who makes me feel empathy and allows me to have fun building my character”, she declared to “Harpers Bazaar Vietnã”.

Fashion and beauty is an area with which I never got tired. I love experimenting with new styles. Fashion is one of the best ways to express myself and express my creative work” said Christina Aguilera.

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