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Fashion trends change every single week across this Earth, but it seems the same styles pop back up every few years. Unlike “trends” certain classic styles are timeless.

Lately I’ve been a little obsessed with watches and jewelry.. for men. Not going to lie Drake said “this watch is a 150” in his new, posthumous song with Aaliyah, “Enough Said”, I had to Google it.

Drake was referring to the Uniform Wares 150 Series which can be found on The classic brown leather as worn by Drake is only one out of three styles this watch comes in. This watch is beautiful and classic.

Simplicity is key in fashion, especially with men. A nice, fitted, white long sleeve with a pair of jeans, nice black boots can make up a great, simple outfit, but what about accessories? Add a nice watch and a scarf. The scarf doesn’t need to match, try a bold, royal purple. Michael Kors and other designers have been using a lot of purple to use as a “pop” over the deary black and gray we can never fully get away from during the cold months.

Men Accessories

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