Controversial and Inspirational Auditions For Nuestra Belleza Latina (Video)

Tamara Mena


The seventh season of Nuestra Belleza Latina (Our Latin Beauty) has started on the Univision Network in Miami, Fla. It was a controversial first episode Sunday night in selecting 30 candidates for the Spanish reality beauty competition – former beauty pageant winners, a homosexual, and wheelchair candidate.

It was a night of emotions, laughter, and unexpected auditions not only for the guests and candidate, but also for the returning celebrity judges – Lupita Jones, Osmel Sousa and Julian Gil. The controversy among the candidates was of three former beauty pageant winners selected Carlina Durán reigned as Miss Dominican Republic, Vanessa Ortiz as Miss Mundo Colombia and Barbara Turbay as Miss Puerto Rico USA. Of course they have advantages over all the girls in the running. The candidates were not in accord with the former beauty pageant winners to be among the 30 selected.

The Mexican Karina Hermosillo braved to reveal openly she is homosexual. Karina stated her reason in participating is to set an example for the youth who choose to commit suicide instead of telling the truth. Karina who made it to the next round was treated differently after she revealed her identity.

As the saying goes save the best for last, Tamara Mena’s audition was extremely emotional. The Mexican born beauty Tamara Mena started off giving a report at a mock up newsroom desk. When she finished the stage crew assisted her and to everyone’s surprise the beauty behind the desk was in a wheelchair. She told the judges she always watched Nuestra Belleza and thought “why not try.”

Tamara was in an automobile accident seven years ago killing her boyfriend and leaving half her body paralyzed. But despite the emotional story, her dream of being a TV presenter and her strength, Tamara was eliminated. Overall Julian teary eyed gave her a yes but it was just as hard for Lupita and Osmel to say no as Tamara captured their sentiments and hearts.

Osmel stated she is beautiful on the outside as much as she is in the inside, the reason for not ripping her invitation as it is accustomed when a candidate isn’t chosen to continue in the running. Lupita Jones was broken hearted to say no after hearing Tamara’s story, her willpower to continue on with her life, her talent and beauty in front of the camera. It was the physical strength criteria that impeded Tamara to continue on.

Tamara is the first candidate in the history of Nuestra Belleza that marked the judge’s hearts, the producers, host, guests and thousands of viewers with her courage, persistence, faith, willpower and overall love for her life to continue on and not be afraid to take chances. Tamara Mena is a true winner, an inspiration, and role model.

Public speaking, my passion in life! 6 years ago, I had no voice, literally. I was hooked to a ventilator and could not talk. Today, I have a voice, and I can share my experiences with the world. Most importantly, I can motivate people! That’s what I live for. I live for my passion. My passion makes me alive and continues to revive me time after time!!

To learn more about Tamara Mena ===>Tamara Mena.

If you missed Tamara’s audition this Sunday on Nuestra Belleza, see her audition (starts at 3:15) ===>Tamara Mena’s audition.

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