Daddy Yankee Denies he is Gay!


The Puerto Rican reggaeton  Daddy Yankee  denies he is gay and asked not to be judged for being honest.

The 36 year old Puerto Rican singer, famous for his hit Gasolina , his homosexual admitted in statements from the gay nightclub “The Cave of Pelekas”  where regretted not being announced to the public prior sexual preferences.

“I will not lie, do not lie out of fear. I am a human being like everyone else, with strengths and weaknesses, and do not think this is a defect, “ said the interpreter.

After yesterday circulated some photographs of herself online and allegedly kissing another man appears, the media speculated information, resulting exponent statements of reggaeton.

So Justin asked the media and opinion respecting his decision to make public his homosexuality.

“I request and I thank the press to respect my family and myself, which concluded the issue with this letter and subsequent statements do not” he said.

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